Generative Cities: Technology, Innovation, Inclusiveness

More than fifty percent of humanity now lives in cities, many of which are creaking under the weight of crumbling infrastructure. How can we use technology to create an urban operating system that promotes sustainability, economic growth, and enhanced citizenship?

Researchers: Ayesha Khanna, Parag Khanna, Greg Lindsay, Chris Arkenberg, Kenny Good, Michell Zappa

Geotechnology: Power Diffusion and Global Scenarios

National and international security are increasingly driven by and dependent on disruptive technologies from communications to biology to neuroscience. These trends will impact cyber-security, personal and corporate data protection, and political stability around the world.

Researchers: Marc Goodman, Parag Khanna, Sawsan Gad, Scott Young, Ahmed El Hady, Tarun Wadhwa, Abhijnan Rej, Soenke Ziesche

Education and Personal Learning Networks

Our Industrial Age education system is abysmally inadequate in preparing and students for the disruptive and rapidly changing markets of the 21st century. Traditional paths of secondary and university education neeed to be augmented or even replaced with personalized training enabled by technology and social media.

Researchers: Ayesha Khanna, Curvin Huber, Aran Levasseur

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