The ‘sharing economy’ now has its own advocacy group I VB (Sep 2013)

By Tarun Wadhwa It’s not every day you hear about a grassroots movement that was started with the help of a technology company. You don’t usually see progressive activists working alongside venture capitalists and executives. But then again, Peers isn’t your typical advocacy group — and the “sharing economy” is no ordinary cause.

The growth of the “sharing economy,” a loosely defined term generally referring to the Internet-enabled peer-to-peer exchange of goods, has brought with it a shift in the way we think about consumption. Its rise, exemplified by AirBnB, has been fast, and loud. What started with a few enterprising individuals willing to let complete strangers sleep in their homes and use their possessions has now developed into a formidable economic force that threatens to upend several different industries.

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