The key to the digital education revolution I The Strait Times (Oct 2013)

By Ayesha Khanna SILICON Valley is abuzz with investments in education start-ups. The National University of Singapore has also just announced that it plans to put many of its courses online. But whenever there is potentially disruptive innovation of the kind we’re witnessing in education today, there will inevitably be a period of experimentation and uncertainty. Indeed, it is not always clear what works and what doesn't. Fortunately, there are some models worthy of serious study. Moocs (massive open online courses) are a good example.

Massive online courses COURSERA, the immensely popular Mooc launched last year, offers an online library of college courses taught by professors from top universities. Since its inception, a staggering 4.7 million students worldwide have signed up to view lectures. Coursera is partnered with 87 leading academic institutions such as Stanford, Duke and Yale, and boasts over 400 courses in seven languages.

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