Jason Silva takes viewers on strange trip I Zap 2 it (April 2013)


By Jacqueline Cutler

If you like to play along with game shows and fancy yourself observant, National Geographic Channel's "Brain Games" is tremendous fun.

Hosted by self-described wonder junkie Jason Silva, the series launching Monday, April 22, delves into what it means to think and how our brains are conditioned. Though this sounds like an arcane subject, it's very accessible, and there's nothing stuffy about the show.

Rather, Silva, a fast-talking guru of the digital age who defines earnest, tells Zap2it, "One of my main things is to get people to think exponentially."

He's completely plugged into technology and marvels at how much more democratic information is today -- provided people have access to technology.

"A young person in Africa has better communication technology than the president did 25 years ago," Silva says. "How does this change our world? It means we don't have to wait 300 years for the impossible to seem possible."

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