Is Your Job Robot-Proof? | Forbes (Jun 2012)

By Ayesha and Parag Khanna

About 750,000 jobs in IT, finance and business services are expected to be outsourced by 2016, and automation is having a similar cumulative toll, particularly at the lower end of the pay scale, where grocery check-out clerks have been replaced by electronic scanners, and over 250,000 postal workers have already lost their jobs due to automation of mail processing. As technology moves up the value chain, could Google’s driverless car make postal delivery drivers redundant as well? Coffee shop barista may seem like a steady job for part-timers, especially if you know how to trouble-shoot the WiFi router, but a Seattle company has just come out with a “Textspresso” machine that takes your order directly via SMS as you’re leaving the house, and even prints your phone number in edible ink on the froth of your latte.

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