How We Are Evolving With Our Technology I PSFK Labs (Aug 2013)

Interview with Ayesha Khanna It’s difficult to speak about the benefits of sensor-embedded objects without talking about dangers as well, and vice-versa. Some of the benefits of having sensors in the house include warnings about food that has rotted, health monitoring through weight, saliva and other diagnostic tests that are wirelessly transmitted to your doctor and analyzed, and centralized control of the environment of the house through an easy-to-user dashboard.

We could live more efficient, healthier and sustainable lives. However, it is unclear to the resident who actually owns this very personal data about his or her daily lives: where is this data stored, how is it used, is it sold to a health insurance company or a prospective employer?

Each apartment renter, home-owner and vacation tenant should ask for the answers to these questions before signing an agreement to inhabit a particular space. Different people will have varying thresholds about their privacy, but regardless, they have the right to know.

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