Data in a Round World: Why Geopolitics (Still) Matters for Web 2.0 I Wired (Oct 2013)

By Abhijnan Rej In the salad days of what is now a well-worn cliché -- the Information Technology Revolution -- Thomas Friedman toured the world writing about how data and its handlers (mostly in India, though not always) would triumph over those pesky differences of borders, social and linguistic differences to make the world a truly Flat One, a case he made rather strongly. Geopolitics will be, inter alia, a relic of the past, practiced by stodgy wonks not sufficiently clued in; this mantra become such a pervasive one that the business strategist Pankaj Ghemawat almost always brings up a point in an interview from that era with an Indian TV journalist where she asked -- in all credulity -- whether Ghemawat (whose research on globalization is a sobering account of what it is still not) still believed in a "round world."

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