Jason Silva’s Captivating Videos Deliver a Dose of ‘Techno-Optimism’ | Wired (Dec 2011)

By Arikia Millikan

Enough with the 2012 apocalyptic pessimism. After all, if the Mayans were so smart, there would still be Mayans, right? Thankfully, video maker and self-described “philosophical performer” Jason Silva has a much more optimistic (and logically sound) mode of thinking about the future and all the technologically awesome possibilities it has to offer.

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The Beginning of Infinity | The Economist (Dec 2011)

Created by Jason Silva, the co-founding host of Current TV, this video explores the co-evolution of humans and technology towards a possible symbiosis, also known as the Singularity. "The Beginning of Infinity" is meant to inspire fresh thinking, arguing that ideas can be bigger than their usual academic packaging, and uncovering them requires constant re-imagining.


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The Case For Girls | Fast Company (Dec 2011)

By Anya Kamenetz

Most would-be parents prefer boys, not girls. Is part of the trouble, dare we say, a branding problem--one that advertising could solve? On December 11, according to my doctors' best guesstimate, I am due to give birth to a baby girl. My husband and I couldn't be happier. Most parents, however? They'd rather have a boy. It may not be surprising that there's a lingering preference for baby boys over baby girls worldwide.

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Interview with Shane Hope | Current (Dec 2011)

By Hank Pellissier

The nanotech and singularity obsessed New York artist currently has a show exhibiting - the interview is quirky and SciFi, the art mesmerizing. Link to interview

Why Google Is The Most Important Learning Tool Ever Invented | Fast Company (Dec 2011)

By Anya Kamenetz

Author and education prognosticator Tom Vander Ark on making education more more valuable and more relevant (even in search terms).Tom Vander Ark is an edu-futurist par excellence. He's chair of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, author of the new Getting Smart: How Personal Digital Learning is Changing the World.

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One robot's quest to start an acting school | cnn.com (Dec 2011)

By Heather Knight

Roboticist Heather Knight imagines a conversation between a fictional member of the press and her celebrity robot, named Data. The following exchange is intended to be a parody of this celebrity robot's interactions with the media. If that's confusing, check out Knight's TED Talk to see her comedy routine with Data. It should clear things up.

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What Business Can Learn from Organized Crime | Harvard Business Review (Nov 2011)

By Marc Goodman

Writing inHarvard Business Review, Goodman says international crime groups such as the Russian Business Network, South America's Superzonda and the worldwide ShadowCrew are no collection of brass-knuckle thugs. These global criminals are sophisticated managers of talent and technology, having become adept at expropriating legitimate business tactics. Goodman lists five lessons companies can learn from the activities of such groups.

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Needed: An Economic Performance Index for Cities | Atlantic Cities (Nov 2011)

By Parag Khanna and Thomas Sevcik

Oil prices remain near record highs, gold has gone through the roof, technology sector equity valuations are frothing over and emerging markets are decoupling from the moribund West. As investors seek new or alternative asset classes as either safe harbors or high-return prospects, there is an essential new portfolio that needs to be developed: cities.

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Jason Sosa's Company Featured in New York Times (Nov 2011)

"Immersive Labs, a company in Manhattan, has developed software for digital billboards using cameras to gauge the age range, sex and attention level of a passer-by. The smart signs, scheduled to roll out this month in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, deliver ads based on consumers’ demographics. In other words, the system is smart enough to display, say, a Gillette ad to a male passer-by rather than an ad for Tampax."

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Sanford Dickert Speaks at Mozilla Festival (Nov 2011)

The Mozilla Festival is a yearly celebration that brings together mash developers, designers, and big thinkers together to make things that can change the world.This year’s theme was Media, Freedom and the Web—how can the web can make us more creative, collaborative and connected in an age of broadcasters big and small?

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Sonia Arrison and Jason Silva Speak at Singularity Summit (Oct 2011)

Sonia Arrison spoke on "How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything" and Jason Silva spoke about "'The Undivided Mind' — Science and Imagination" in New York at the Singularity Summit.

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Sacrificing the Higher-Ed Sacred Cow | Washington Post (Oct 2011)

By Anya Kamenetz

"These days, with the exception of the likes of Maeda, the presidents most alive to the cry for transformation in higher education aren’t the ones leading our preeminent institutions. They tend to come instead from small, less selective private colleges and regional state colleges. I also see exemplary leadership at some of the largest community college systems, like Gail Mellow at LaGuardia Community College and Eduardo Padrón at Miami Dade College."

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Ayesha Khanna Speaks at HPlus Conference, London (Oct 2011)

Ayesha Khanna spoke about the design of future cities at the Beyond Human conference organized by Humanity+ in the UK.

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Heather Knight Speaks at Wired Conference, London (Oct 2011)

Heather Knight is a social roboticist who runs Marilyn Monrobot in New York City. She wants to bring together science and art, to develop robots with charisma and further the social interactions between humans and our robotic friends. "I'm one of those people who thinks it will be really cool to live in a world where we live alongside robots, like Star Wars, or Futurama...," Knight said, early in her talk.

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Anya Kamenetz on PBS NewsHour (Oct 2011)

Anya Kamenetz talked with anchor Gwen Ifill on “PBS Newshour" discussing President Obama’s new proposals he suggests will help student borrowers.

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Winkleman Gallery Presents Solo Show of Shane Hope (Oct 2011)

Winkleman Gallery in New York presents Transubstrational: As a Smartmatter of Nanofacture, solo exhibition by New York artist Shane Hope. Expanding on his explorations of emerging molecular nanotechnologies which could give rise to near costless systems for controlling the structure of matter itself, Hope takes us one step further with two series of incredible work made from the very cutting-edge open-source tools that are increasingly being developed for such research.

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The Rise of Crime-Sourcing | Forbes (Oct 2011)

By Marc Goodman

"Crowdsourcing began as a legitimate tool to leverage the wisdom of the crowds to solve complex business and scientific challenges. Unfortunately, these very same techniques are increasingly being adopted by the criminal underground for nefarious purposes."


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Lina Srivastava Speaks at TEDxTransmedia (Oct 2011)

Lina Srivastava is a first-mover in transmedia for social issue content-- coining the phrase "transmedia activism" and creating the eponymous framework -- and has been involved in successful cross-media campaigns for several documentaries.  In TEDxTransmedia she makes the point for what she calls 'Transactivism', for Trasmedia activism.

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Marc Goodman Speaks at O'Reilly Srata Conference (Sep 2011)

“Organized crime is exactly that – organized,” said Marc Goodman at this week’s O’Reilly Strata conference, “especially in the field of cyber crime.”

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Not-So-Smart Cities | New York Times (Sep 2011)

By Greg Lindsay

"THE Southwest is famously fertile territory for ghost towns. They didn’t start out depopulated, of course — which is what makes the latest addition to their rolls so strange. Starting next year, Pegasus Holdings, a Washington-based technology company, will build a medium-size town on 20 square miles of New Mexico desert, populated entirely by robots."

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 Marc Goodman, Jason Sosa, Robert Torres and Tarun Wadhwa Speak at TEDxGotham (Sep 2011)

HRI Fellows and Researchers spoke at TEDxGotham's event “Imagine” which took place on September 23rd in Manhattan at NASDAQ MarketSite.

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Heather Knight and Data on CNN (Sep 2011)

Heather Knight and Data were invited on CNN's GPS show hosted by Fareed Zakaria.

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Technology Will Take on a Life of Its Own | Foreign Policy (Aug 2011)

By Ayesha and Parag Khanna

Ayesha and Parag Khanna write the lead essay for the Foreign Policy magazine issue titled "The Future is Now".What will the world look like in 2025? Much like today, only faster, driven by more complex diplomacy, high-risk economic density, a whole new kind of destructive proliferation -- and robot chauffeurs.

100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, From Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith (Aug 2011)

By Sonia Arrison

Humanity is on the cusp of an exciting longevity revolution. The first person to live to 150 years has probably already been born. What will your life look like when you live to be over 100? Will you be healthy? Will your marriage need a sunset clause? How long will you have to work? Will you finish one career at sixty-five only to go back to school to learn a new one? And then, will you be happily working for another sixty years? Maybe you’ll be a parent to a newborn and a grandparent at the same time. Will the world become overpopulated? And how will living longer affect your finances, your family life, and your views on religion and the afterlife?

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Are Virtual Currencies The Next Safe Havens? | Fast Company (Aug 2011)

By Greg Lindsay

Now that a major online role-playing company has effectively created a functioning market for in-game currencies, gold farming is going to become a viable part of the global economy.

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Jason Silva Profiled in Forbes (Aug 2011)

Jason Silva Muses on Humans Turning Into Gods

Jason's current project is the documentary Turning Into Gods, which in Silva’s words, is about “exploring mankind’s journey to ‘play jazz with the universe’… it is a story of our ultimate potential, the reach of our intelligence, the scope of our scientific and engineering abilities and the transcendent quality of our heroic and noble calling.”

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Esther Duflo Bribes India's Poor To Health | Fast Company (Aug 2011)

By Anya Kamenetz

Rajasthan is India's desert state, an often inhospitable place where per capita income averages around $1.77 per day. Poverty like that--understanding it and imagining ways to fix it--is what Esther Duflo lives for. Since 2003, her Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (named for a wealthy Saudi donor), or J-PAL, has conducted 240 randomized, controlled trials of specific ways to help the poor.

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Ayesha Khanna and Tarun Wadhwa Lecture at Singularity University (Aug 2011)

Ayesha Khanna and Tarun Wadhwa both lectured at Singularity University in August. Ayesha's lecture was on the Hybrid Age and Smart Cities, while Tarun's lecture was on Evolution of National Digital Identity and the National Identity System Project in India.

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IBM Partners With Portland To Play SimCity For Real | Fast Company (Aug 2011)

By Greg Lindsay

The Oregon city is the first to use IBM's app to help cities figure out how policy can affect the lives of their citizens. But can any algorithm quantify the whole experience of city living?

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Falling Forward | Alliance Magazine (Jul 2011)

By Lucy Bernholz

"Thomas Edison is supposed to have said ‘I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 things that don’t work’. Failure of this form is a popular topic of conversation among philanthropists these days. It fits in with their interests in design thinking and rapid prototyping, and much of the literature on how innovation happens. In technology innovation in particular, the idea of ‘failing fast’ (and cheaply) is almost gospel."

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Sanford Dickert Profiled in NY Tech (Jul 2011)

Product Expeditor, Startup Instigator, Coworking Catalyst

"We each do what we can with what we’re given. I was raised by a teacher and a salesperson.  I have long had an affinity for teaching and technology. Striving, exploring ideas, and finding ways to make a difference -- that’s the mix in which I’m most comfortable."

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Heather Knight Launches World's First Robot Film Festival (Jul 2011)

A two day celebration of robots on film, the 2011 festival opened with a screening of Spike Jonze's "I'm Here," juried screenings and live performances by Reggie Watts, Josh Ventura, Robot Cowboy, Double Rainbow and Jilted. The official awards ceremony of the Robot Film Festival, the "Botskers," honored the winners in a black tie, red carpet gala. Sunday included workshops and a finale BBQ. The Festival was a huge success and covered widely in the media.

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Ayesha and Parag Khanna Speak at South Asian Diaspora Convention in Singapore (Jul 2011)

The inaugural South Asian Diaspora Convention brought together intellectuals, business and industry leaders as well as policymakers to celebrate the success of the diaspora. Parag gave the keynote speech on the influence of the diaspora on geopolitics, while Ayesha spoke on the opportunities for the diaspora in business and social change using smart city technologies.

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Lucy Bernholz Joins Stanford as Visiting Scholar (Jul 2011)

The Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) develops and shares knowledge to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society and effect social change. Stanford PACS connects students, scholars and practitioners and publishes the preeminent journal Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR). Lucy will be joining PACS for a sabbatical year of research during the 2011-2012 school year.

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An Interview with the Director of Imaginary Foundation | BigThink (Jul 2011)

By Jason Silva

The Imaginary Foundation is a think tank from Switzerland that does experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination. They hold dear a belief in human potential and seek progress in all directions. The small clandestine team is headed up by the mysterious "Director," a 70-something über-intellectual whose father founded the Dadaist movement.

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Heather Knight Profiled by Fast Company as Innovation Agent (Jul 2011)

Robots are automating our daily lives, beating us at Jeopardy, and one day taking over the world. They are also incredibly entertaining -- which is where Heather Knight's Marilyn Monrobot enters the scene. Knight, a key member of the Syyn Labs League of Extraordinary Nerds, curates public performances with automatons.

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Future Cities Talk at Toronto Brickworks (June 2011)

Ayesha and Parag Khanna

Ayesha and Parag Khanna describe the evolution of smart cities based on their travels to high-tech urban centres from Portugal to Sweden to South Korea.

See talk videos: Part 1 and Part 2

Northern Star | TIME Magazine (June 2011)

By Ayesha and Parag Khanna

Stockholm city leaders decided to turn a would-be sports village in the Hammarby Sjostad district into one of the world's most successful eco-villages.

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Heather Knight and Data Perform Robot Comedy at TEDxCMU (June 2011)

TEDxCMU is a conference at Carnegie Mellon University that brings together some of the world’s most bold and innovative thinkers. Heather: "As she describes it: "In one example, robot and human actors will perform the same script and basic set of actions, but each time vary the emotional and social content of those interactions. This variation will ... allow the general public to craft and hone robot personalities."

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IBM Offers Cash-Strapped Mayors A Smarter City-In-A-Box | Fast Company (June 2011)

By Greg Lindsay

A plug-and-play system for cities that want the benefits of real-time data crunching, without the big bills required to become a true city of the future.

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Ian Marlow speaks at Realcomm (June 2011)

Ian Marlow speaks at the CIO Roundtable on the current state of the  intelligent “connected” building and next generation operating systems.

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For-Profit College Stocks Soar | Fast Company  (June 2011)

By Anya Kamenetz

Anya writes: "Under the new rules, colleges with pretty crappy results will remain eligible for federal student aid ... The take-home is that for-profit education--what I call the "subprime" education sector--is due to remain a thorn in the side of American higher ed."

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Greg Lindsay speaks at Intelligent Cities Forum  (June 2011)

Greg Lindsay participates in a panel: The City as a Lab: What are the lessons to be learned in thinking about the city as a sum greater than its individual parts? Panelists will share innovative work from across the United States that is changing the way our cities look, feel, and function.

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Marc Goodman and Tarun Wadhwa speak at Economist IDEAS conference  (June 2011)

Marc Goodman and Tarun Wadhwa will speak at The Economist IDEAS Economy conference on Information in Santa Clara in June. Marc will be speaking on "Black swan redux: Security and anomalies in the age of big data" and Tarun will do a flash of genius presentation titled "Inside Aadhaar."

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Parag Khanna interviewed by Saudi Aramco World  (June 2011)

Tom Verde interviews Parag on the shifting global balance of power,  the central role of the middle east in globalization, and the promise of next generation leadership.

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Lucy Bernholz speaks at Personal Democracy Forum (June 2011)

Personal Democracy Forum is the world’s leading conference exploring and analyzing technology's impact on politics and government. Lucy Bernholz will be speaking on Open Government, Open Congress, Open Policy, Open Philanthropy.

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The Pattern Seekers | Big Think (June 2011)

By Jason Silva

Jason Silva writes: "we extract meaning from chaos by spotting patterns. It is the signal in the noise," and explores the meta-patterns of great thinkers in history.

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Ayesha Khanna interviewed by Brian Lehrer (May 2011)

Ayesha is interviewed by Brian Lehrer on CUNY TV on the Hybrid Age, smart cities and the work of the Hybrid Reality Institute.

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Greg Lindsay speaks at Dubai Aerotropolis Workshop (May 2011)

DIFC's Economics Workshop  "Dubai Aerotropolis" invites senior government representatives, multilateral agencies, infrastructure developers and financiers to highlight and increase the awareness of Dubai being a transport and logistics hub for the region, enabling it to be a regional business, tourism and trade hub. Greg Lindsay discusses his book Aerotropolis.

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Parag Khanna speaks at Innovative Cities Conference (May 2011)

The ICIC event involves key-note speakers from five continents and has over three thousand participants to help build a new urban environment. ICIC is a project that is part of the Innovative Cities initiative, a networking initiative, which promotes and supports actions oriented towards sustainability, social equilibrium, and higher harmony between man and the environment. Parag's talk: "The Reinvention of Cities"

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Japan: Hybrid Civilization of the Future | Newsweek (May 2011)

By Ayesha & Parag Khanna

A society’s ability to adapt to and master the prevalent technological circumstances reveals the degree of its Technik. Japan has a very high degree of Technik. So too does Finland, which some call “open source nation.” Japan is culturally pre-disposed to thinking positively about technology’s social application.

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The Hacker's Enterprise | The Economist IDEAS (May 2011)

By Marc Goodman

Though the recent theft and hacking of tens of millions of customer accounts at Sony has garnered much attention, the attack is but the most recent example of organised criminals successfully leveraging the data deluge for their own “business” purposes.

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Jason Silva featured in Vogue Italia (May 2011)

In a cultural age defined by its marked skepticism and apathy, Max Lugavere and Jason Silva stand out in their raw, seemingly unbridled enthusiasm, and passion to gather and disseminate knowledge. This drive started early when the pair made a documentary at the University of Miami calledTextures of Selfhood, an experimental film about hedonism and spirituality

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Meditate Your Way to A More Creative Mind | Fast Company (May 2011)

By Anya Kamenetz

Intelligence, much less creativity, has not been conclusively linked with any one area in the brain. The closest analogues are the so-called executive functions, brain systems involved in planning, integrating of sensory information, and abstract thinking, that are thought to be concentrated in the prefrontal cortex. There is, says Aronson, a way to improve executive functioning, and it's the very same practice prescribed by Alexander: mindfulness meditation.

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Grading "Road Map For Digital City" | Business Insider (May 2011)


By Sanford Dickert

When I got the alert that Rachel and Mayor Mike were announcing the Road Map for the Digital City and the associated Roadmap PDF for it, I typed the URL into my browser with the enthusiasm of a starving man looking at food on the table. After reading a lot of boilerplate, I was sadly disappointed.

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A New Kind of Library | Big Think (May 2011)

By Daniel Moore

From the outside, the new library appears to be a glass dome sitting on the ground. Inside this dome, visitors will find no book shelves and no stacks. Only reading tables in a reading room. It is what is beneath this room that makes the library interesting. Below this reading room is a vault where the books are bar-coded and stored in bins.

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Long Bus, Short Wait | TIME Magazine (May 2011)

By Ayesha and Parag Khanna

Curitiba may be the original smart city. In the early 1960s, it was plagued by sprawl and congestion. Architect Jaime Lerner responded with the Curitiba master plan, an urban-design strategy whose centerpiece was an affordable and efficient transportation system.

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Ayesha Khanna featured in New York Times (May 2011)

One on One: Ayesha Khanna, Futurist

Ayesha Khanna is the director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a think tank that explores the practical implications of what she refers to as “human-technology co-evolution in the Hybrid Age.”

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Heather Knight speaks at Humanity+ Summit (May 2011)

Humanity+ International is partnering with Parsons The New School for Design in New York City to produce Transhumanism Meets Design, a conference exploring emerging technology, transdisciplinary design, culture and media theory, and biotech. Heather's talk: “Why Prometheus loves Robots: How technology creators might be the next Greek Gods”

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Ayesha Khanna and Greg Lindsay speak at What's Next Panel at PSFK (April 2011)

Ayesha Khanna and Greg Lindsay spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2011 on a panel of experts including Allison Mooney from Google and Katherine Moriwaki of Parsons. They discussed the Hybrid Age, emerging technology trends and our changing relationship with technology.

See panel video here

Lina Srivastava speaks at Tribeca Film Festival (April 2011)

Electric Artists' CEO Marc Schiller moderated a panel during the Tribeca Film Festival. Guests includes actor, writer, producer Rider Strong, film educator and CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy Howard Tullman, and film marketing consultant Lina Srivastava.

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