The Hybrid Reality Institute works closely with clients to forecast technological trends and develop appropriate strategies to leverage them. We assemble teams that include Institute fellows and researchers as well as specialists in diverse fields such as scenario planning, risk modeling, product development, market entry, and data management. Clients include government agencies, multinational corporations, city authorities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. We currently specialize in two areas:

Geo-Strategic Assessment

We work with governments, corporations and other entities seeking to understand how emerging technologies and complex trends will affect their operations. We use scenario planning and other analytic tools to assess risks and develop strategies for dynamic industries and markets.

Designing Generative Cities

Cities of the future must be generative, finding the balance between technology, innovation, and inclusiveness. Our generativity matrix assesses a city’s level of urban intelligence relative to pioneering cities and provides a framework for devising policy initiatives that harness public-private partnerships to upgrade infrastructure and stimulate innovation.

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